protect and restore a tooth

A dental crown is a tooth shaped restoration which is designed to completely cap or encapsulate a tooth. Dental crowns are often required to protect and restore a tooth, giving it strength and improving its appearance.

Dental crows are perfect for:

The procedure for a dental crown involves removing the outer surface of the tooth, leaving a strong inner core. The amount of tooth removed will be the same as the thickness of the dental crown. Once the tooth is shaped the dentist will take an impression of the tooth. This impression, along with other relevant information, will be given to a dental technician who will construct the crown. After approximately 2 weeks, a second appointment is required to try in the crown and providing the crown fits accurately, will be secured onto the tooth using dental cement.


replace single or multiple missing teeth

Dental bridges are designed to replace single or multiple missing teeth. A bridge consists of a false tooth sandwiched in between and joined to, dental crowns placed over the teeth either side of the gap, anchoring the false tooth in place.

Appointment 1: Preparation and Impressions

Providing you are happy to go ahead with a bridge, the dentist will need to prepare the tooth – this will involve removing a shaving usually between 1-2mm thick from the outer surface of the tooth and to the biting surface to make space for a bridge. Once the preparation is made, your dentist will take impressions and a colour/shade match and send this information to a laboratory. At the laboratory a dental technician will construct the bridge so that it will appear cosmetic, natural and blend well with the rest of your smile.

Appointment 2: Try-in and FIT

Approximately 2 weeks later, you will return to the practice and the bridge will be tried in. Providing the dentist has confirmed that the bridge fits accurately on your tooth/teeth and that you are happy with the appearance of the bridge, the bridge will be cemented onto the tooth/teeth.

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